1. How long is the service? Our traditional worship is approximately 1 hour 15 minutes, Communion served each Sunday. Our Modern Service is typically 1 hour .
  2. What about kids? We believe children learn from hearing, seeing, and doing. So we encourage parents to bring children into church so they can learn from their greatest mentor. However, we do offer a room where the service can be heard from that offers a place for a little break ( a diaper change, meal time, etc...)
  3. What’s the service like? Our traditional service is led by hymns and scripture readings and would be considered formal in style. Our Modern Service is led by current praise and worship songs and scripture, (although structured) not formal so changes can happen "on the fly"
  4. How do people normally dress? We want to encourage you to come as you are. However, our traditional service people generally wear their "Sunday Best" but that could be jeans and a t-shirt or a suit. Our modern service generally people wear whatever they have on shorts and flip flops are acceptable at either service