1. How long is the service? Our worship is approximately 1 hour long. Communion is served weekly
  2. What about kids? We believe children learn from hearing, seeing, and doing. So we encourage parents to bring children into church so they can learn from their greatest mentor. However, we do offer a room where the service can be heard from that offers a place for a little break ( a diaper change, meal time, etc...)
  3. What are the services like? Our 8:15 AM service, is highly liturgical traditional service. Using the Lutheran Service Book, Divine Service Setting #4, this service is familiar to all those that have been apart of the Lutheran Tradition. Our 9:30 AM service, is more of a blended service. Using modern music, and a little less structure, this service still focuses in on scripture and prayer.
  4. How do people normally dress? Wear clothes, that's all we ask.